Occupational Disease

Occupational Disease

63558875Compensation for Accidental Injuries and Occupational Diseases

In order to qualify for benefits a worker must suffer an “accidental injury” or “occupational disease” arising from his employment.  Not every injury on the job is covered, and so the meanings of “accidental injury” or “occupational disease” are very important when determining your eligibility for benefits.  This is another reason why the help of an attorney from the very beginning can be critical for protecting your interests.

Several Benefits May Be Available

There are several benefits that may be available to help you in your time of injury.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits are disability benefits paid to an injured worker during the time of recuperation from an injury or a surgery.  This is intended to help make up for the wages that the worker has lost while he or she is temporarily totally unable to work.  Our trained staff can help get the documents needed to keep your checks coming when you need them the most.

Medical/Hospitalizations Benefits

You are entitled to free, lifetime treatment of injuries which are related to your Workers’ Compensation case.  You have the right to choose your own doctor and physical therapist.  We can help you find the right specialist for your particular injury.  Documentation of your injuries is extremely important, and we can help get the right information to the insurance companies so that you can concentrate on the more important job of protecting your health.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Some injuries are so serious that a worker is permanently, and totally disabled.  In Maryland, the loss (or loss of use) of any of the following constitutes a permanent total disability: both arms, both eyes, both feet, both hands, both legs.  Likewise, the loss (or loss of use) of any of two of the following also constitutes permanent total disability: an arm, eye, foot, hand or leg.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Some permanent injuries may leave a worker only partially disabled. The state of Maryland has given each part of your body a monetary value, and the degree of disability determines how much of that full monetary value will be paid to you. In some cases, you may also be additionally entitled to compensation for the loss of earning capacity which results from your disability.  When your doctor releases you and tells you that your condition will not improve with further treatment, then our office will help you find a doctor with experience in determining how much loss of use that you have suffered.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

If you are not able to return to your normal job as a result of your injuries, then after discharge from the doctor, you may be entitled to job retraining or job placement services.  Our office helps find the best counselor for you to make sure that you have an opportunity for a real future — not just whenever the insurance company thinks you ought to have.

Again, experience counts. The Pinder Legal Tem has the expertise to protect your every step of the way. Put our team to work for you.