Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

Insurance for Injured Workers

workerscomp-199x300A lot of people think of Workers’ Compensation as a lawsuit against their employer — that’s not what it is. Workers’ Compensation is actually insurance which employers are required to carry in order to provide medical care, sick pay and other compensation for their workers who are injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation is an employer’s responsibility.

A Claim for Worker’s Compensation is simply a claim for benefits that you are entitled to have by law when you are injured on the job, so that you can get the medical care you need and payment of wages when you are recuperating and unable to work.

It does not represent a battle against your employer. Worker’s Compensation can also provide you with compensation for injuries which turn out to be permanent.

You Are Entitled to An Attorney

Making a claim for Workers’ Compensation may oftentimes become complicated. Frequently, the employer’s insurance company which controls benefits, does not agree with you or your doctor’s opinion of the treatment you need, or your need to remain off work for a time. That’s when an attorney can assist you by pursuing your claim with the Maryland Worker’s Compensation Commission. The Commission has the authority to order the insurance company to pay benefits that you are entitled to have.

Experience Counts

The Pinder Legal team has tried hundreds of cases before the Workers’ Compensation Commission since 1990.  The Pinder Legal Team is often consulted by other attorneys to take cases which they feel are too complicated. Experience counts, and our office has the expertise to help you through your time of need.

Attorney Fees and Costs

The Workers’ Compensation Laws are designed so that an injured worker does not have to pay money out-of-pocket to hire an attorney.  The attorney who assists you with your case may be entitled to a fee at the end of your case, from any award you may receive for injuries which are permanent. Our fee is usually 20% of the first $12,000 in permanency benefits, 15% of the next $15,000, and 10% of anything over that.  The law sets out the maximum fees allowable, and all fees must be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Commission

You do not pay us out of pocket. Unless we win your case, we cannot charge you a fee.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Lawyer for Your Pending Personal Injury Or Worker’s Compensation Case.

  1. How many cases did you actually try to verdict last year?
  2. What was the last time you were in Court trying a personal injury case? Make them give you the verdict sheet with the client information whited out.
  3. How many depositions (oral examinations under oath) have you attended in the past year?
  4. When was the last time you cross examined an insurance company doctor?
  5. Can you name at least 7 physicians regularly used by insurance companies to deny compensation to injured individuals?
  6. What are the AMA guides 4th Edition and how do they relate to my case?
  7. When was your last jury trial?
  8. Can you explain to me, in medical terms, what I just told you was hurting me? Remember, this lawyer will have to explain your injury to a Commissioner, Judge, or Jury.  If he doesn’t understand the medical terms, how can he explain it to them?
  9. Does the term 10-104 mean anything to you?
  10. Can you name all the WCC commissioners? Can you name any of them?